OEAC’s Product Marketing has focused its services in two main areas, Engineering Products and Technical Services/Assistance; offering high quality products, packages and services. With its long experiences in the market, OEAC is prepared to source for global companies and to develop workable international relationship through different mechanisms of representation and partnership.

  • Engineering Products – Representation covers a range of engineered products to suit the needs of the customers and in general includes :
    • Upstream Products – Such as Exploration products including Seismic equipment and materials, Drilling equipment tools and their spare parts, Jack-Up Rigs, Drilling Rigs,
    • Downstream Products- Such as Process packages, Pumps, Turbines (all types), Compressors (all types), Fired Heaters and Furnaces, Heat Exchangers (all types), Process Filtration equipment and materials, Water and Waste Water Treatment systems, Process Reactors, Pipeline Pigging equipment, Process Automation systems and Instrumentations, Control Valves, Electrical Motors, Piping and Bulk Materials (especially Alloy)
  • Technical Support Services – These services range from Upstream to Downstream services such as LWD & MWD services, Rig Services, Process equipment as well as Plant refurbishment and renovation and Overhauling,
  • Procurement Services- This also allows our clients the distinct advantage of having us source material and services from around the world and at the same time maintaining integrated control systems over project schedule and quality. By worldwide sourcing of quality equipment and materials to secure the lowest price and best deliveries.

Our Specialty: In practice, OEAC is organized to perform the following activities under a group of experts for marketing and contracting the potential businesses which is within the capability of the Company.

  1. Study of the market and identify potential projects for provision of quality products;
  2. Promotion of any nominated principal to local entities for engagement in development projects;
  3. Establishment of joint ventures for local manufacturing, fabrication of special equipment and packages as well as the technical services;
  4. Establishment of effective business relation with international oil companies, major contractors and local contractors for provision of technical support services for the machineries and package units;
  5. Market search in new areas of activities and interests to identify opportunities for future involvement of the company;